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How do you power your ped­als? Do you use a mains-pow­ered power dis­trib­u­tor to keep them all sup­plied or do you rely on in­di­vid­ual bat­ter­ies for some or all of them? Or, how about a bat­tery-pow­ered power-dis­tri­bu­tion unit that can sup­ply the juice to four ped­als? That’s ex­actly what Dan­elec­tro has come up with as a part­ner to the Bil­lion­aire ped­als (see p114), al­though it can be used with any ped­als that take a 9-volt sup­ply and don’t need a mas­sive amount of cur­rent to func­tion.

The Bat­tery Bil­lion­aire puts four PP3 bat­ter­ies in one neat metal en­clo­sure, not much big­ger than the four bat­ter­ies laid side by side, with short con­nect­ing ca­bles to reach your ped­als’ power sock­ets. The bat­ter­ies are ac­cessed by a lid that hinges back eas­ily when you open it, but is kept firmly in place with mag­nets when closed. A small tog­gle switch at one end turns off the power from all the bat­ter­ies at once.

In use

The main point of the Bat­tery Bil­lion­aire is that you don’t have to un­der­take the of­ten-fid­dly and time-con­sum­ing task of open­ing up the in­di­vid­ual ped­als to change bat­ter­ies. That’s es­pe­cially use­ful for ped­als that re­quire a screw­driver or any that are Vel­croed to your ped­al­board. It’s great to have all your bat­ter­ies in one place and easy to ac­cess.

The sec­ond point is pedal bat­ter­ies gen­er­ally get switched into cir­cuit by in­sert­ing a jack cable into the in­put, mean­ing you should re­ally un­plug them when not in use, if you want to save bat­tery life. That’s not a prob­lem with the Bat­tery Bil­lion­aire – just flick one switch and you are done ( just make sure you don’t ac­ci­den­tally flick it the other way dur­ing a gig!). An­other plus point is it’s not that ex­pen­sive, so it could be a use­ful gig-bag lifesaver if your mains-pow­ered unit goes wrong dur­ing a gig.

If the thought of us­ing bat­ter­ies rather than a mains-power dis­trib­u­tor seems a bit retro to you, bear in mind there are some ped­als (par­tic­u­larly vin­tage fuzzes), that can sound bet­ter on bat­tery power. So, if you have more than one of these on your ’board then the Bat­tery Bil­lion­aire may make sense – you could sub­sti­tute power ca­bles (like those from VoodooLab) that clamp onto the bat­tery snap-con­nec­tor if any pedal doesn’t have a socket for a bar­rel power jack.

Dano sup­plies its 60s-style ‘Vin­tage Power Source’ bat­ter­ies with the unit, which they claim pro­duce su­pe­rior tone from al­most ev­ery pedal. Now, while car­bon-zinc bat­ter­ies have a different in­ter­nal re­sis­tance than mod­ern al­ka­line and lithium bat­ter­ies and can sound different in some ped­als, all we can say is try them and see if they work for you.


The Bat­tery Bil­lion­aire is per­haps a bit spe­cial­ist, and of ques­tion­able in­ter­est to many play­ers, but oth­ers will see its ad­van­tages and re­gard it as a more prac­ti­cal pur­chase. [TC]

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