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Kaela Chap­man (nine) I love the free­dom to ride around on my bike with­out my par­ents when I am at the camp­sites. We use walkie talkies and spend all day play­ing to­gether. My favourite camps are the BIG4s. The best camper in my fam­ily is me, of course, be­cause I am a very out­doorsy per­son. I never leave home with­out my teddy bear. I love the ex­pe­ri­ences the most – like play­ing at the water park and jump­ing pil­low, rid­ing around on my bike with my friends and us­ing walkie talkies. One of my spe­cial mem­o­ries is mak­ing a new BFF on hol­i­day that lives in an­other state. We are still friends and we keep in con­tact on iMes­sage and Facetime and we will be go­ing on hol­i­day again to­gether this sum­mer.

The Easter bun­nies

Madi­son and Tay­lah Rudd (seven)

I love na­ture and dis­cov­er­ing. I en­joy climb­ing trees and get­ting dirty, then swim­ming in the river (Mum says it’s a bath).

Find­ing in­sects and cook­ing marsh­mal­lows on the fire. We made a swing with a log and rope. We hang in it in the tree and take it with us ev­ery­where now. It’s re­ally, re­ally cool.

We camp be­tween Blanchetown and Mor­gan, South Aus­tralia on the river. It’s a re­ally big prop­erty that a farmer owns. We can ride our bikes on ad­ven­tures for­ever!

Yeah, there is so much space that we can swim, make heaps of noise, play chasey and hide ev­ery­where.

Dad. He is strong enough to dig a big hole for our fire. He sets up our camper and gets or­gan­ised. Mum is OK, she pot­ters around and gives or­ders.

Dad be­cause he lets us eat marsh­mal­lows. bathers. Ah, hello...the camper trailer! Food, our tree swing, clothes and All the kids on the play­ground and mak­ing new friends. Swim­ming in the pool, rid­ing our bikes around, mak­ing new friends and hav­ing ad­ven­tures. Easter is ex­cit­ing! I love col­lect­ing all the eggs when we wake up. Yeah Easter is the best! We went on the best egg hunt with all our cousins.



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