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Lo­ca­tion: Italy Web: www.sarafor­ Email: con­tact@sarafor­ Soft­ware: Pho­to­shop, Pain­ter

Sara was orig­i­nally at­tracted to tra­di­tional me­dia, par­tic­u­larly acrylics. But the Berg­amo-based artist found she couldn’t ex­press her­self in the way she’d like. In­spired by artists such as Todd Lock­wood and Matt Staw­icki, she turned to dig­i­tal paint­ing.

Each stage of Sara’s art­work is cre­ated dig­i­tally – in­clud­ing sketches, for which she uses her Cin­tiq. The artist has de­vel­oped a clean, sharp style redo­lent of the Blizzard il­lus­tra­tions that she finds so in­spi­ra­tional. Sara’s been work­ing as a free­lancer since 2006, find­ing clients in the likes of Paizo Pub­lish­ing, Dena Stu­dios and Ar­me­nia Edi­tore.

1 Don’t Even Think About It

“I wanted to rein­ter­pret the clas­sic theme of the beauty and the beast in a sharp and ironic way. I worked a lot on the ex­pres­sion of the pro­tag­o­nist’s face, be­cause I wanted it show her tough per­son­al­ity.”

2 Eros and Thanatos “I like to draw big bad demons, and I also like to draw fe­male char­ac­ters. So, I de­cided to play around with the con­trast be­tween these two fig­ures, em­pha­sis­ing dif­fer­ences as much as pos­si­ble.”

3 The Sa cred Fea ther “This is the cover for a fan­tasy book writ­ten by Matthias Graziani. I re­ally like it when I have the op­por­tu­nity to draw beau­ti­ful, strong women. But in this case, the fe­male char­ac­ter also had to have a very sweet face.”


DIANA “My in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the Ro­man god­dess Diana. I didn’t want it to stay too true to the myth, but I did want to cap­ture her wild char­ac­ter­is­tics.”

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