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At first I wasn’t happy about los­ing “my” disc, but now I agree with all those who pre­fer the down­load ver­sions of your files. How­ever, I pre­fer to keep a disc with all the files per is­sue. I store the disc in a plas­tic sleeve, so here’s my ques­tion: is it pos­si­ble to make a print­able sleeve each is­sue?

It will keep my collection of discs up-to­date and when I can’t move any­more I’ll take them all into my grave, be­cause I’m sure they do not have your fab­u­lous mag­a­zine up in Heaven!

You al­ready re­ceived so many com­pli­ments and they are all right. Re­ally, Imag­ineFX saves my artis­tic life. I hope Imag­ineFX will stay for many, many years be­cause I can’t live with­out it. Rudy Tent, via email Claire replies Hello Rudy. Well, it’s an in­ter­est­ing re­quest! I’m not sure how many other read­ers want this, though. So, read­ers, is this some­thing you want us to do?

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