How can I push the anatomy of a pin-up to make her more in­ter­est­ing?

Spud Hen­ning, Swe­den

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An­swer Na­dia replies

It’s a mat­ter of taste, but a good il­lus­tra­tor tweaks anatomy, per­spec­tive and pose so the lines are most ap­peal­ing. This also ap­plies to shapes and neg­a­tive space. You can also con­cen­trate on the lines of ges­ture: in a pin-up the ges­ture can in­clude body­weight, gen­der spe­cific physics and sto­ry­telling of the mo­tif, just to give you an idea.

An­other guide­line is the Golden Ra­tio, which you can also find in hu­man pro­por­tions. You can push your anatomy in this di­rec­tion. For ex­am­ple, I com­bine the parts of her hip and thighs into one line. That gives me a pretty line, but it also en­ables me to shift the fo­cus from the crotch up to her waist. And her waist is in the Golden Ra­tio. Think in terms of lines, shape and Golden Ra­tio first, then put in the anatomy re­quired for your style or taste.

When you fo­cus on lines and pro­por­tions you’re free to push the anatomy any way you want. Keep an eye on gen­eral art rules, such as the Golden Ra­tio and bal­ance of weight.

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