How would you avoid clichés in pin-up?

Rich Spifftown, Ger­many

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An­swer Serge replies

There are so many ways to do some­thing dif­fer­ent, some­thing unique. Just think about this: to do pin-up art you just have to paint a sexy girl or boy, and the rest is up to you. There are so many things you could try, such as a new com­po­si­tion, mood, style, ren­der­ing or colours.

Nat­u­rally, pin-up has its own code and there are a lot of clichés. But some­times it can be fun to work with stereo­types. Take a very bad girl, a su­per vil­lain, and paint a cute pic­ture with her, for ex­am­ple. In­stead of us­ing clean and cartoon lines, try some­thing dif­fer­ent – try to achieve a painterly look us­ing tex­tured brushes and clas­si­cal paint­ing pal­ette. Fi­nally, don’t for­get that your pic­ture doesn’t only have to be a sexy pic­ture. You can also add a mix of feel­ings and moods.

The com­po­si­tion is very sim­ple, but it adds a quiet mood to the scene. I chose very soft tones for the same rea­son.

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