Re­fine the light

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Once I feel that I have a good base paint­ing I start to re­fine the light. When cre­at­ing light I usu­ally switch be­tween three layer styles, depend­ing on how harsh I want the light ef­fects to be. Those layer styles are Over­lay, Soft Light and Hard Light. I do a lot of trial and er­ror, let­ting my mind tell me when some­thing looks off or not. Re­duc­ing the Opac­ity of the light­ing lay­ers works, too. When light­ing the scene, I go for two sep­a­rate lay­ers: the first one is set to Over­lay and the other is set to Hard Light. When work­ing with light, I al­ways use a big, Soft brush. Only for di­rect light would you want to use a Hard-edged brush.

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