Draw a stylised dy­namic fig­ure

Guil­laume Poux catches the blax­ploita­tion vibe of the 1970s with this study of a gun-tot­ing fe­male char­ac­ter. Can ya dig it?

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Guil­laume Poux taps into a 70s blax­ploita­tion vibe.

I have a lit­tle weak­ness. I love draw­ing pretty girls. In fact, I love draw­ing pretty, bad-ass girls. I can’t help but draw this kind of char­ac­ter when I’m be­tween two com­mis­sioned works and have some free time. It’s how I started this im­age. I just wanted to draw a strong, sexy char­ac­ter.

A few weeks be­fore, I’d seen a very cool blax­ploita­tion movie star­ring Pam Grier, called Foxy Brown. Why not draw an homage to this char­ac­ter? At the be­gin­ning of the process, I didn’t have the idea to make a poster. I just wanted to draw my ver­sion of Foxy. Then my girl­friend sug­gested that I add a hyena to the com­po­si­tion. Her rea­son­ing was that packs of hye­nas are gen­er­ally led by a dom­i­nant fe­male. I found the idea re­ally cool, and per­fectly in tune with the idea of a strong woman char­ac­ter.

As I do for al­most all my im­ages, I searched a lot of ref­er­ences for the clothes and the hyena, and un­cov­ered a lot of in­spir­ing old blax­ploita­tion movie posters. Thanks, in­ter­net!

I have the idea and the ref­er­ences – now it’s time to be­gin my im­age…

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