Step-by-step: Give your un­dead some oo-la-la

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1 Don’t worry about the un­dead el­e­ments to be­gin with. Sketch out your char­ac­ter and con­cen­trate on the pinup pose, cos­tume and at­ti­tude. If the sketch is firmly in pin-up ter­ri­tory you can be­gin to layer on the un­dead cues with con­fi­dence. Even zom­bies can be play­ful, so I’ve cho­sen to show my un­dead girls hav­ing fun and smil­ing at the viewer.

2 Next fo­cus on colour. Real­is­tic-look­ing dead flesh may be un­set­tling, so con­sider more sat­u­rated tones in­stead. Cheer­ful colours will help to tem­per the hor­rific el­e­ments of your im­age and keep the paint­ing light and fun. Dead flesh of­ten turns blue, and green is as­so­ci­ated with de­cay, so they seem like ob­vi­ous colour choices to me.

3 Now I can start to have some fun and work in some more ex­treme el­e­ments to re­ally es­tab­lish that our pin- up is a zom­bie. I sim­ply add a few small ar­eas where the skin has been dam­aged and bro­ken. I like the idea that these flesh eaters might be try­ing to chomp on each other, so I de­lib­er­ately shape some to look like bite marks.

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