Twisted Sis­ter

Colourful tat­toos, translu­cent skin and lace lin­gerie: Re­beca Pue­bla’s The Butcher’s Bride is a cel­e­bra­tion of tex­tures…

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Re­beca Pue­bla dis­cov­ered the world of fetish and BDSM around 2007, and soon af­ter­wards started her se­ries of highly strik­ing im­ages, Twisted Dolls. “It was a chal­lenge be­cause un­til then my work was quite real­is­tic,” she says, “so I be­gan to mix cartoon and re­al­ism. And I thought that mak­ing po­lit­i­cally in­cor­rect dolls in la­tex and im­pos­si­ble corsets look el­e­gant was some­thing new.”

El­e­gant trans­gres­sion

1 I love to make provoca­tive im­ages with strong themes, but I don’t like to do typ­i­cal ex­ag­ger­ated fe­males (big chest, skimpy cloth­ing). I love am­bi­gu­ity and con­tra­dic­tion, such as a beau­ti­ful corset that’s im­pos­si­bly re­stric­tive. This idea might seem a bit seedy to some, so my chal­lenge is to make the fi­nal re­sult trans­gres­sive yet vis­ually el­e­gant.

Modelling the fig­ure

2 Nor­mally I make a base in 3ds Max and then use ZBrush for ap­ply­ing de­tails. How­ever, for this im­age I do more of the modelling in ZBrush, and leave a highly pol­ished and smooth sur­face with­out too much de­tail, ready for the lace layer.

Tat­too you

4 I spend a lot of ef­fort get­ting the tat­toos right. They’re im­por­tant to the char­ac­ter’s story and must be dy­namic, yet soft at the same time.

Lace lin­gerie

5 For the scene’s light­ing I try dif­fer­ent op­tions, fi­nally choos­ing one that cre­ates the most con­trast. Be­tween the lace, lad­dered stock­ings and gold rib­bon, there’s a lot of tex­ture to pick out.

Fi­nal cur­tain

6 To­wards the end of my process I nor­mally tweak the bright­ness, con­trast and colour in Pho­to­shop be­cause I don’t usu­ally achieve the right re­sult us­ing 3D soft­ware alone.

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