a tat­too for a war­rior

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1 Ini­tial ideas

Once a client has given me a ba­sic idea for an im­age, I’ve found that the de­sign process be­comes eas­ier if you dis­til an idea into a few key­words or ‘tags’. My tags for this de­sign are love, war­rior, sad­ness, pain, death and war. In ad­di­tion, my client asks me to place a straight line through the cen­tre of the tat­too, and asks me to use solid black in the de­sign if pos­si­ble.

2 Use of sym­bols

When con­cept­ing, I pre­fer to use sim­ple but pow­er­ful sym­bols. Here, a skull rep­re­sents the death and war­rior tags, with sad­ness and pain al­luded to by an eye with a teardrop. Now I’m able to cre­ate the first raw sketch to see if the gen­eral com­po­si­tion is work­ing. The top of the skull looks empty, so I cover it with roses, to rep­re­sent love and to con­trast with the smooth skull.

3 Fi­nal­is­ing el­e­ments

Plac­ing the solid black ar­row at an an­gle cre­ates some dy­namism in the piece. While mov­ing the teardrop to the bot­tom of the im­age en­ables me to in­crease the size of the eye, and in do­ing so gives the other el­e­ments room to breathe. To cre­ate the sten­cil of the tat­too, I recre­ate the sep­a­rate el­e­ments, be­fore merg­ing and mir­ror­ing them in Pho­to­shop.

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