Matt ex­plains why Pro­cre­ate is the only iPad art app for him

ImagineFX - - Software procreate 2 - Matt paints in 2D and 3D, and is cur­rently work­ing as an il­lus­tra­tor in the video games in­dus­try.

What do you like about the new ver­sion of Pro­cre­ate?

I think that the brush cre­ation en­gine is amaz­ing. It’s in­cred­i­bly sim­ple to tweak set­tings on ex­ist­ing brushes to achieve the ex­act feel that you want, and cre­at­ing a brush from scratch couldn’t be sim­pler or more flex­i­ble. If you pair that with one of the many pres­sure-sen­si­tive styli avail­able, then you have a for­mi­da­ble draw­ing app.

And what’s your favourite im­prove­ments in Pro­cre­ate 2?

It might seem like a small ad­di­tion, but adding the Curves, Color Bal­ance and Hue and Sat­u­ra­tion tools is a huge thing for me. Colour cor­rec­tion is an in­te­gral part of my work flow and it’s great to see it in­te­grated so beau­ti­fully.

Do you use Pro­cre­ate alone, or do you paint with it along­side other soft­ware?

I tend to use Pro­cre­ate on a more ca­sual level. I like it for paint­ing thumb­nails and sketch­ing ideas while I’m on the go. I’ll then take those sketches and fin­ish them out in Pho­to­shop or Pain­ter. I still like hav­ing a work­sta­tion to sit at while I cre­ate.

Is there any­thing you’d like to see added to Pro­cre­ate?

I would love to see Pro­cre­ate have a fea­ture sim­i­lar to the Gra­di­ent Map ad­just­ment layer in Pho­to­shop. I use that all the time for quickly colour­ing a greyscale sketch.

How do you think Pro­cre­ate com­pares to the other iPad art apps on the mar­ket?

When com­pared to other apps, there’s no com­pe­ti­tion. Pro­cre­ate is ridicu­lously af­ford­able, it of­fers the largest can­vas size; the best, eas­i­estto-nav­i­gate user ex­pe­ri­ence and user in­ter­face de­sign, and the best brushes by a mile. I’ve pur­chased all of the other art apps out there and they just col­lect dig­i­tal dust.

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