The never-end­ing doo­dle

Quick draw How an il­lus­tra­tor took a pen sketch that he cre­ated dur­ing a col­lege class and turned it into a playable uni­verse

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In an era of in­creas­ingly real­is­tic video game graph­ics, one stu­dio has gone se­ri­ously against the grain and cre­ated a plat­former that’s made en­tirely out of ball­point pen draw­ings.

Cal­i­for­nia stu­dio Arach­nid Games is the team be­hind Ball­point Uni­verse – an in­fi­nite

I found that doo­dles came freely, and wanted to base a game in their world. The art was scans of the sketches

plat­form-shooter ad­ven­ture game in which ev­ery last as­set was drawn with the hum­ble ball­point.

The idea came to de­vel­oper and founder Leo Dasso while he was doo­dling on a note­book dur­ing a class at the Academy of Art Univer­sity in San Fran­cisco, Cal­i­for­nia. “I found that doo­dles came quickly and freely, and wanted to base a game in their world. The art was lit­er­ally just scans of the ball­point sketches. We did quick trans­parency cutouts in Pho­to­shop, then slapped it into the game.”

The game it­self sees play­ers guide the main char­ac­ter Doo­dle through a sur­real 2D uni­verse – run­ning, jump­ing, slid­ing and shoot­ing his way around an in­creas­ingly sur­real and in­tri­cate world. The game suc­ceeds in be­ing both de­light­fully lo-fi and vis­ually im­pres­sive at the same time, and is a joy to play.

Ball­point Uni­verse is out now and avail­able to buy through Steam for £2.99. You can see more from Arach­nid Games at

What at first seems like sim­ple scrib­blings soon turns into a colourful and com­pli­cated world of gam­ing frus­tra­tion! These mas­sive com­plex gam­ing worlds are all

based on scans of the orig­i­nal ball­point

pen doo­dles of de­vel­oper Leo Dasso. Ball­point Uni­verse is an in­fi­nite plat­form-shooter ad­ven­ture that fol­lows the aptly named main char­ac­ter – Doo­dle – around a bonkers 2D world.

En­vi­ron­ments like this came to Leo while he was doo­dling in class at his San Fran­cisco univer­sity.

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