Step-by-step: Il­lus­trate a fig­ure en­cased in ice

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1 First I paint the char­ac­ter, then I paint the ice over it on a low-value Opac­ity layer. Then, us­ing the Smudge tool, I dis­tort the fig­ure, try­ing to mimic the man­ner in which ice usu­ally dis­torts the way we see ob­jects that are in­side it. I try to do this ac­cord­ing to the shape of the block of ice that I’m paint­ing. It’s es­sen­tially a mat­ter of ob­ser­va­tion. 2 Af­ter that, us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of Screen, Mul­ti­ply and Over­lay lay­ers, I start to paint the lights and shad­ows of the ice. For this ex­am­ple I use some tex­tured brushes to achieve a thick- ice tex­ture. I paint the high­lights on the sur­face of the ice, at­tempt­ing to fol­low the shapes that I think my block of ice should have, us­ing a bit of in­tu­ition. 3 When the ice layer starts to ac­tu­ally look like ice, I use nor­mal lay­ers to paint additional re­flec­tions of light, try­ing to add more in­for­ma­tion about the shape of the block of ice on the ar­eas that look a bit empty. I also start to paint de­tails in or­der to solve mi­nor im­per­fec­tions in the im­age. And with that I’m able fin­ish the core of the ice struc­ture.

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