Cap­ture the feel of an epic bat­tle

Grze­gorz Rutkowski shows you how to paint a vast bat­tle scene, as de­scribed in Ge­orge RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire fan­tasy se­ries

ImagineFX - - Issue 108 May 2014 -

Grze­gorz Rutkowski takes on Game of Thrones.

The old art masters painted royalty and heroic bat­tles. They tried to cap­ture the essence of the Mid­dle Ages; rough, bloody and cold were key ad­jec­tives in their vis­ual vo­cab­u­lary. In this work­shop I’ll try to cap­ture these at­tributes in a fan­tasy scene from Ge­orge R R Martin’s fan­tasy se­ries A Song of Ice and Fire: the Bat­tle of Cas­tle Black. I’m draw­ing the mo­ment where the Wildlings, with the help of gi­ants and mam­moths, breach the Night’s Watch’s gate in the great Ice Wall.

When cre­at­ing this type of paint­ing it’s im­por­tant to view the im­age like a thumb­nail. It’ll en­able you to suc­cess­fully tackle the three key el­e­ments of a bat­tle scene: scale, per­spec­tive and com­po­si­tion. Do­ing so will help you to de­fine the size and depth of the scene.

I’ll also look at light­ing and val­ues, and plan the work care­fully. I try to es­tab­lish a light­ing scheme dur­ing the early sketches. I con­sider those ar­eas on the bat­tle­field that I want to be lit up, and those that will re­main in the shad­ows. The scene could be gloomy, bright or a com­bi­na­tion of the two, like in a dark sun­set. In­deed, there are count­less light­ing op­tions avail­able to you – but first come the sketches!

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