Waiji Choo

Lo­ca­tion: US Web: www.waiji.cghub.com Em ail: choowaiji@gmail.com Soft­ware: Pho­to­shop

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Sin­ga­pore-born Waiji’s pas­sion for film and game art led him to the US, where he stud­ies en­ter­tain­ment arts at Pasadena’s Art Cen­ter Col­lege of De­sign.

He en­joys build­ing tense, tur­bu­lent scenes, but strives to put his own unique spin on things. From grav­ity-de­fy­ing train wrecks to mid-air mech bat­tles, Waiji’s work is noth­ing if not ex­cit­ing.

“I’m drawn to­wards sto­ries with a lot of ac­tion,” he says. “I en­joy cre­at­ing highly dra­matic scenes. I’m con­stantly think­ing of in­ter­est­ing cam­era an­gles and com­po­si­tions that best sup­port the story I’m telling.”


1 Matte Paint­ing of a Fu­tur­is­tic

Ho­tel “First I block out sil­hou­ettes with var­ied shapes and val­ues in Pho­to­shop. Then I over­lay colours to get a sense of mood. Due to the com­plex­ity of the scene, I work in mul­ti­ple lay­ers to save time. Fi­nally, with the help of photo tex­tures and paint­ing, I fin­ish ren­der­ing.”


Mecha In­va­sion “Again, I block out sil­hou­ettes in Pho­to­shop, over­lay colours and find the right mood. Fi­nally, with the help of photo tex­tures and paint­ing, I fin­ish ren­der­ing the im­age. I try to keep the back­ground fairly loose so the com­plex fore­ground el­e­ment stands out.”


Ride to the sky “I started out with lay­out draw­ings in pen. Next, I fix the com­po­si­tion in Pho­to­shop. Then I make mul­ti­ple value stud­ies and three colour stud­ies. Be­cause this il­lus­tra­tion was meant for a chil­dren’s book, I used vi­brant colours. Then I move on to fully ren­der­ing the im­age.”



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