Se­bas­tian Wat­zlawek

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A re­cent game de­sign grad­u­ate, Se­bas­tian has al­ready earned cred­its for work on three ti­tles. The artist be­lieves at­mos­phere and feel­ing are the most cru­cial el­e­ments of art and that it must hold the viewer’s at­ten­tion. If a pic­ture doesn’t do this, he says, then it’s worth­less – no mat­ter how tech­ni­cally sound it is.

“Art­works are win­dows to new worlds,” says Se­bas­tian. “Our job is not just to clean the win­dow, but to open it. Let in the heat, the cold, the wind, the sun­shine, the rain. It doesn’t mat­ter which tech­nique you use, as long as you can make the pic­ture work and ap­peal to the viewer.”

1 Bri­tish Sloop “This was cre­ated for a board game about pi­rates and a Bri­tish fleet. The in­tense south-sea feel­ing wasn’t planned. But the client liked it so much that all the other pic­tures of Bri­tish ships were changed to have the same at­mos­phere.”

2 Gloom Brook Charmer “I’ve been a fan of trad­ing card games for a long time. The il­lus­tra­tions on the cards re­ally do it for me. So I de­cided to prac­tise this type of il­lus­tra­tion, and they’re a ton of fun to do.”


The Fly­t­ing “This piece de­picts a scene from Norse mythol­ogy: all the gods are in­vited to a feast, when Loki starts mess­ing things up. He in­sults ev­ery sin­gle one of them un­til they even­tu­ally gang up and de­tain Loki. That’s how the gods and Loki be­came en­e­mies for­ever.”




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