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Here are some of the many gems we found on the pages of de­viantART…



Af­ter cracking the spine on a brand new sketch­book, this is ae­naluck’s first draw­ing. What a start. And it’s made all the more im­pres­sive as she drew it in just a sin­gle night. The artist used coloured Pen­tel pen­cils on A5 paper. The im­age is based on ae­naluck’s char­ac­ter in Skyrim.



“A buddy of mine was play­ing Fall­out 3 and it sparked all the great mem­o­ries I have of the game,” says Patrick. So much so that the Aus­tralian was com­pelled to cre­ate this stun­ning piece of fan art – an ac­tion-packed, ground­shak­ing scene which in­dulges the artist’s love of crea­ture de­signs.



Drag­ons aren’t ag­gres­sive, merely mis­un­der­stood, yet hu­mans have hunted them al­most to extinction. Laws are passed to pro­tect the species, but poach­ers per­sist. Here we see an adult and its off­spring slain for their body parts. It’s a piece that’s well lit and com­posed, like much of Jonas’s work.

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