Cre­at­ing vis­cous-look­ing nose slime

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1 I cre­ate a new layer and use Pho­to­shop’s Pen tool to draw a se­lec­tion path that will be­come the out­line of the slime trail. I fill this se­lec­tion with a slimy green colour, which I use as my dif­fuse colour base. Then I lock the trans­parency of the layer. 2 I brush in dark val­ues where there’s less light, sam­pling from the back­ground and paint­ing in some of that light colour. I’m sug­gest­ing translu­cency by lightly paint­ing in what’s be­hind it. I avoid us­ing an air­brush be­cause I like hav­ing painterly edges in my art. 3 To re­flect the main light source, which is from the top left, I add crisp, bright point high­lights. Then to match my line-art style I out­line the shape of the slime trail. To fur­ther sug­gest vol­ume I add rim light re­flec­tions, from the sec­ondary light source to the right.

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