How would you paint a bul­let exit wound?

Liz Tucker, Scot­land

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An­swer John replies

Hol­low-point bul­lets leave a large, messy exit wound. You’re go­ing to have all sorts of blood, skin, bone, vis­cera and other de­bris fly­ing all over the place. It’s a fun op­por­tu­nity to add vis­ual en­ergy to an ac­tion piece. In Pho­to­shop, you have a chance to play with dif­fer­ent, messy-splat­ter brushes.

Work­ing from big to small, I take a chunky, tex­tured brush and start by roughly block­ing in a large blood-red mass that will burst out­ward in a cone shape. Then I add some vari­a­tion in value and sat­u­ra­tion, avoid­ing paint­ing in much de­tail be­cause we don’t want the viewer to get lost in anatomy.

I add some glossy high­lights here and there, and use a Scat­ter brush to paint blood droplets spray­ing all over. Then I add a Cam­era Blur to the droplets for en­ergy.

The process in­volves block­ing in large chunks of bloody red colour, then adding glossy high­lights, de­bris and blood spray, ap­ply­ing mo­tion blur if de­sired The splat­ter layer,

just a Round Scat­ter brush with var­i­ous Jit­ter

ap­plied, is con­verted to a Smart Ob­ject so I can ap­ply Fil­ter> Blur>Ra­dial Blur and make tweaks.

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