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Den­man Rooke ex­plains how to de­sign a char­ac­ter for Kings of the Realm

Den­man and Fergus spent hours on the look of each unit in the game, in­clud­ing the spec­tac­u­lar Com­man­ders. “A big chal­lenge for Kings of the Realm is main­tain­ing a gritty, real­is­tic look while still hav­ing a clear game lan­guage,” says lead con­cept artist Den­man. “We tack­led this by fo­cus­ing upon the ac­tual story of the world be­fore de­sign­ing any art as­sets.”

More pow­er­ful De­signs on the ar­mour have to look more pow­er­ful for each up­grade. How­ever, some as­pects, such as the face, have to be con­sis­tent to en­sure the char­ac­ter looks the same through­out the up­grade process. Throw­ing shapes We then re­fine the shapes and pull to­gether loose ideas for the fin­ished light­ing and ar­mour style – adding hints of de­tails where needed to aid us in the fi­nal pol­ish stage later. Change of mind Af­ter check­ing the ba­sics, such as anatomy and forms, we some­times re­work var­i­ous as­pects of the piece, and maybe even try some dif­fer­ent ar­mour ideas or cos­tume styles if needed. Pulling faces Now comes the pol­ish stage. We nail down the char­ac­ter and at­ti­tude by re­fin­ing the face and ex­pres­sion. Then there’s colour cor­rec­tion and a back­light layer, which will be af­fected by the in-game en­gine.

Rough ‘n’ ready The first step to cre­at­ing a com­man­der for our game is by paint­ing very rough drafts with loose shapes, to de­fine the sil­hou­ette. The face is im­por­tant, so we re­fine it to cap­ture the at­ti­tude and char­ac­ter.

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