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bris­tle brushes

For ar­eas of thick, light-value paint I some­times use hog bris­tle brushes for the tex­ture they im­part; usu­ally Robert Sim­mons Signets. I blend with per­fectly dry brushes, us­ing a va­ri­ety of Lang-nickel Royal Sable mon­goose-hair blenders, both round and fan.

10 Break out the fine tools

I use a goose­neck mag­ni­fier to help me get deep into the de­tail of my hu­man faces and fig­ures. This is also where my Win­sor and New­ton Se­ries 7s get their heavy use. Note that the pal­ette of these hu­man fig­ures ranges from dark to mid-tone, be­cause they’re catch­ing only in­di­rect light.

9 Make the cir­cuit of your sub­jects

The saucer door el­e­ment catches full sun, so I mix up a light pal­ette mod­elled on the shades of abalone shells. Once again, the rub­ber tool comes in handy for cre­at­ing sharp tex­tu­ral ef­fects. Be sure to obey the ‘darks thin, lights thick’ rule through­out.

8 Back­ground tone and tex­ture

I want a rugged tex­ture for the back­ground. In ad­di­tion to some im­pro­vi­sa­tional bro­ken colour, I use a rub­ber tool to cre­ate a hatched look, com­ple­ment­ing the sug­ges­tion of grasses and un­der­growth.

Back­ground tone and tex­ture 8

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