Igor Vitkovskiy

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Lo­ca­tion: Ukraine Web: http://artist­mef.co Email: In­fe­rion69@gmail.com ME­DIA : Pho­to­shop, Alchemy

Igor be­gan tak­ing art se­ri­ously in 2010: “At that time, I re­alised that art is my part of life, my weak­ness, my hobby, my way.” The Kiev-based artist is self-taught, repli­cat­ing the tech­niques of favourite artists HR Giger, Maxim ‘Razer’ Revin and Zdzisław Beksin­ski. Igor re­cently be­gan ex­per­i­ment­ing with “mys­ti­cism and sur­re­al­ism” to keep his style look­ing fresh while work­ing on com­mis­sions.

“Com­merce of­ten spoils an artist,” he says. “They cease to draw for them­selves, for their plea­sure and their soul. They just be­come paid tools. You can do your job, you can do commercial projects, but you must find the time for your own art­work.” 1 Rusted from the rain “I be­came friends with a girl on Face­book, and painted her por­trait. I tried to make it look as non-dig­i­tal as pos­si­ble us­ing noise and tex­tures on a low Opac­ity set­ting. We’re not in con­tact any more, so this im­age means a lot to me.” 2 Nastya “I painted this af­ter watch­ing Ghost in the Shell; it’s a gift to my friend Anas­ta­sia. I think cy­ber­punk is one of the most in­ter­est­ing vis­ual gen­res that artists can tap into. The pose and the face were based on a photo ref­er­ence.”


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