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Lo­ca­tion: Ire­land Web: www.artofken­cole­ Email: ke­nart­ ME DIA: Pho­to­shop, ZBrush, Poser, Alchemy, Pain­ter “It’s al­ways ex­cit­ing to com­bine ideas and tech­niques,” Ken says, “and pro­duce some­thing that’s sur­real or fan­ta­sy­based. Mix­ing dig­i­tal and fine art has no bound­aries.”

Ken’s work com­bines pho­to­graphic, dig­i­tal, 3D and tra­di­tional el­e­ments. He also stud­ied sculp­ture at col­lege, mak­ing him a cre­ative all-rounder. But it’s his art­work for rock and metal bands that he’s most proud of, which has seen his work pub­lished in­ter­na­tion­ally.

1 Shauna “This im­age is made up of 3D el­e­ments, ab­stract draw­ing and my own pho­tog­ra­phy. It was cre­ated from start to fin­ish on my bus com­mute to work. When you travel four hours a day you can get a lot done.”

2 Fear Candy Jack “This piece was cre­ated from a photo of a friend with a fan­tas­tic beard. Again, it’s a com­bi­na­tion of pho­tos and 3D with tex­tures and dig­i­tal paint­ing. I painted it over two bus jour­neys.”

3 Or­ches­trat­ing the Apoca­lypse “This piece was cre­ated for the metal band War­fa­ther. The im­age is of the apoca­lypse, but with the idea of the earth re­set­ting it­self rather than de­struc­tion. Ideas from the Mayan cal­en­dar in­flu­enced the idea of a sor­cer­ess con­trol­ling our world like a pup­pet.”



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