The Art of Watch Dogs

A book that goes be­hind the scenes to re­veal the con­cep­tual art of Ubisoft's new sci-fi tinged game fran­chise

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While Watch Dogs may not have been the next-gen gam­ing revo­lu­tion many were ex­pect­ing, there’s no deny­ing it’s a slick, open-world ad­ven­ture with big ideas. The game takes place in an al­ter­na­tive vi­sion of Chicago, in which Ai­den Pearce must hack the city’s com­puter-con­trolled in­fra­struc­ture to re­pro­gram traf­fic lights and sub­ways, and bend the rules to his ad­van­tage.

This Art Of book goes be­hind the scenes, show­ing the sheer amount of de­vel­op­ment that went into the game. Chicago it­self is gam­i­fied for the ti­tle, with land­marks stay­ing in­tact while other el­e­ments re­ar­ranged to fit in the con­sole’s mem­ory con­straints. Rather than sim­ply jazz­ing the city up with sleek fu­tur­is­tic build­ings, the de­sign team in­stead con­cen­trated on au­then­tic­ity, adding old gun shops and an­cient back al­leys.

There’s a great sec­tion on cre­at­ing Watch Dogs’ dis­tinc­tive cast of char­ac­ters, too, show­ing the many it­er­a­tions of Ai­den Pearce and mem­bers of the DedSec hack­ing col­lec­tive, with their pix­e­lated face masks and the Banksy-like graf­fiti they’ve added to the city walls.

We would have liked a bit more in­sight into the process of cre­at­ing the game, but nonethe­less this is a book that show­cases in­ven­tion and big ideas.

Clara, de­scribed by de­signer Kevin Shortt

as “al­lur­ing and dis­turb­ing”, shown in var­i­ous stages of


Artis­tic di­rec­tion asked for “sleek and sim­ple”. Art Deco fea­tures, too.

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