bring your de­sign to life

From rough ideas fully ren­dered im­age, here’s how to vi­su­alise your fan­tasy beasts

ImagineFX - - In Depth Create A Creature -

A Ex­per­i­ment in 3D

A rough CG model is a help­ful way to study your de­sign from any an­gle. Us­ing a 3D pro­gram makes this process sim­pler and more pre­cise than a tra­di­tional 2D turn­around sheet. Fo­cus on pow­er­ful and in­ter­est­ing shapes so that the de­sign works well from all an­gles.

B Ad­just light­ing and en­vi­ron­ment

Next, choose the best point of view and light­ing for your crea­ture, and then trans­fer the CG model into Pho­to­shop. When ex­port­ing the CG file, it helps to save it as a lay­ered PSD file so that the crea­ture model is on its own layer. This will en­able you to eas­ily insert an en­vi­ron­ment.

C Work up your crea­ture con­cept

Start to layer colour schemes, skin tex­tures and pat­terns. Drop shad­ows that will help your de­sign pop and stand out. The main fo­cus should be on strong forms, photo-real sur­face tex­tures and a pow­er­ful colour scheme. This is the beauty shot that will sell the en­tire idea of your de­sign in a sin­gle view.

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