I’ve seen balls used in dig­i­tal art video tu­to­ri­als that show the di­rec­tion of light, but what’s the point of them? Ja­son Tread­well, US

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Paco replies

Those balls help an artist to paint the light cor­rectly in an im­age. Some­times it’s easy to for­get where the light is com­ing from, es­pe­cially on a large im­age with lots of el­e­ments, which re­quires you to zoom in to work. Plac­ing one of those balls next to your im­age means you’ll al­ways be re­minded where the light is com­ing from – as long as you re­mem­ber to re­fer to it, of course! You can also use the ball as a pal­ette for pick­ing the right colours ev­ery time, or even treat it as a base to start your paint­ing in some cases.

To cre­ate one of th­ese balls, you just need to use a cir­cu­lar se­lec­tion to cre­ate a cir­cle, fill it with a base colour, and then add the lights with the Gra­di­ent tool or a brush if nec­es­sary. You can (and should) also add any sec­ondary light source, or paint the light on the ball ac­cord­ing to the ma­te­rial you’re go­ing to paint.

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