En­large ob­jects un­der a lens

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1 Work­ing in ArtRage, I sketch out a scene that fea­tures sev­eral lenses op­er­ated by a girl nat­u­ral­ist, who’s us­ing a head rig to in­spect the un­der­growth. I put her cen­tre stage in the fore­ground so that the lenses aren’t too small. I also over­lap them for more po­ten­tial fun. Think Johnny Depp con­duct­ing the au­topsy in Sleepy Hol­low, with­out the blood. 2 I rough in my gar­den scene, plac­ing frames for the lenses, but avoid at­tempt­ing dis­tor­tions yet, apart from the large lens at the front of the com­po­si­tion. I know more or less what I want in that one al­ready. For the rest I imag­ine that the frames have no glass in at all. I want to un­der­stand what dis­tor­tion­free ob­jects will be be­hind the bits of glass first. 3 My process tends to in­volve line-work over blocks of solid colour, with washes over­laid for tone and in­ter­est. I es­tab­lish a light source and con­sol­i­date things a bit more, to un­der­stand how the light will be hit­ting the frames. They need to read prop­erly, so that the lenses look re­al­is­tic. My hand- drawn el­lipses are far from per­fect, but suit the style of the piece. 4 Once it’s pro­gressed more to set the forms, I can play about with the level of dis­tor­tion. I do this on lay­ers above. I darken the edges of some lenses with wa­ter­colour washes, then con­trast a sharply fo­cused fin­ger with a blurry arm be­hind in the big lens. I bend her glasses frame seen through another. It’s just a case of play­ing around un­til you pro­duce an ef­fect you like.

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