Step-by-step: De­pict a bounc­ing ob­ject

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After I’ve sketched the pic­ture and put all the el­e­ments in it, I de­cide on the po­si­tion of the grenade. I be­gin to trace my mo­tion lines to sug­gest its tra­jec­tory. I also keep in mind the per­spec­tive in the im­age; the mo­tion lines will start close to each other and grad­u­ally move apart to con­tain the shape of the grenade.


Dur­ing the colour stage I give the grenade promi­nence by plac­ing a lighter colour be­hind it. Then I paint the area be­tween the mo­tion lines with a light grey to em­pha­sise the move­ment, and fo­cus on where the grenade bounces on the rub­ble. There I use cir­cu­lar ki­net­ics lines to sug­gest its sud­den im­pact.


I try to make my grenade stand out from the back­ground even more by adding some smoke. I paint the wake of my grenade so that it’ll be brighter and vis­i­ble in the area where it bounces off the rub­ble. I paint the de­tails of the grenade with­out over­do­ing it, be­cause I’m go­ing to add a mo­tion blur ef­fect.

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