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One of the most mag­i­cal as­pects of paint­ing in Pho­to­shop is the His­tory fea­ture. Click Win­dow>His­tory in the top menu bar to open up a de­scend­ing time­line of your past ac­tions. Ev­ery time you paint a line, erase a smudge, make a se­lec­tion, or do pretty much any­thing, the His­tory win­dow makes a note of it. Click­ing the im­age at the top of the win­dow will take you all the way back to the file’s orig­i­nal state when you opened it (this is blank if it’s new), while check­ing a box to the left of any his­tory state will save it so you can go back when­ever you need to. This is help­ful when you’re happy with how a paint­ing is de­vel­op­ing, but want to ex­per­i­ment with­out fear of ru­in­ing any­thing.

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