Im­age Ad­just­ments

You’ve cre­ated your paint­ing. Th­ese func­tions can now help you to edit the colours, val­ues and shapes in your im­age

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1 Ad­just­ments

One es­sen­tial facet of the Pho­to­shop ex­pe­ri­ence is the Im­age >Ad­just­ments menu. All of the op­tions in here make it pos­si­ble to ad­just your lay­ers or selections in dif­fer­ent ways, and like with the Fil­ter menu I’ll be go­ing over the ones I use most.

2 Lev­els

The Lev­els op­tion en­ables you to con­trol the con­trast in your im­age with five slid­ing cur­sors. The top three un­der In­put Lev­els ad­just the in­ten­sity of your dark val­ues (the black, left cur­sor), mid­dle val­ues (grey mid­dle cur­sor), and high­lights (white left cur­sor), while the bot­tom slid­ers will limit the amount of dark and light in your layer or se­lec­tion, mov­ing ev­ery­thing to­wards mid­dle val­ues.

3 Color Bal­ance

Color Bal­ance, as you may have guessed, works in a sim­i­lar way but with chroma. Se­lect the tonal range you want to work with from the bot­tom of the win­dow and ad­just the slid­ers to tweak the hues. If you want to cool down your shad­ows, warm your high­lights or just make some­thing more green, then it’s worth try­ing out.

4 Hue and Sat­u­ra­tion

The Hue/Sat­u­ra­tion tool of­fers some­thing a bit in be­tween the last two. Us­ing the Hue slider will change all the colours at once. The Sat­u­ra­tion bar ad­justs the in­ten­sity of your colours, with the left side leav­ing only a black and white im­age and the right cre­at­ing a psy­che­delic ex­pe­ri­ence. The Light­ness slider will raise and lower all the val­ues. Of­ten while ad­just­ing the val­ues in an area the sat­u­ra­tion be­comes less ap­peal­ing, so us­ing all three bars to­gether is key.

5 Com­bin­ing lay­ers

Cre­at­ing a copy of what­ever layer you’re ad­just­ing will en­able you to com­pare your changes. You can also erase away which­ever is on the higher layer to re­veal the one be­low, so that the parts of the adjustment that aren’t work­ing as well can be re­moved. Merge lay­ers when you’re fin­ished to keep things or­gan­ised.

Erase the adjustment layer here

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