1 The Golden Ra­tio is a myth

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Almost ev­ery com­po­si­tion book th­ese days talks about the Golden Ra­tio or the Golden Rec­tan­gle, but it turns out that even the text­book ex­am­ples, such as the Parthenon and the hu­man fig­ure, don’t con­form to those ra­tios any more than they do to other math­e­mat­i­cal re­la­tions, such as pi or Vitru­vian re­la­tions of whole num­bers. No rec­tan­gle or grid stands out from the oth­ers as ‘golden’. If a cer­tain pro­por­tion gives us a warm feel­ing, it's be­cause we've trained our­selves to ap­pre­ci­ate it. For a com­plete dis­cus­sion of this topic, see my five-part blog se­ries, ‘Myth­bust­ing the

Golden Mean’ at www.gur­neyjour­ney.blogspot.co.uk.

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