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Lo­ca­tion: US Web: www.andyke­hoe.net Email: andy@andyke­hoe.net me­dia: Acrylic, epoxy resin, oil, poly­mer clay We can’t fully do jus­tice to Andy’s paint­ings un­til Imag­ineFX is 3D printed. “I use epoxy resin in­side cra­dled wood pan­els, build­ing up the paint­ing layer by layer,” he says. “It opens up end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties of new tech­niques to ex­per­i­ment with. I’ve been mix­ing wet oil paints and pig­ments into the un­cured resin to cre­ate a va­ri­ety of swirly, mar­ble-like tex­tures.”

Andy’s fu­ture in­volves bring­ing to­gether all of his work. “I want to con­tinue work­ing on paint­ings for gallery shows, but I’d love to branch out into some new medi­ums such as a book or an an­i­mated work,” he says.


Ca the­dral of the For­est Deep

Oil, acrylic and resin in wood box, 30x24in “I’m a big fan of trees and forests, and I love the idea of this grand, nat­u­ral mon­u­ment hid­den deep in the for­est. I also like to match the char­ac­ters with their sur­round­ings – in this case, the pat­tern in cloak matches the flow­ers in the tree canopy.” 2 At the Edge of an Un­known World Oil, acrylic and resin in wood box, 30x24in “I en­joy mak­ing paint­ings of iso­lated and far-off places. There’s a strange mix of seren­ity and fear in be­ing that far away from ev­ery­thing. And there’s also meet­ing the strange denizens of those far places.” 3

Crea­tures of Syn­chronic­ity

Oil, acrylic and resin in wood box, 20x24in “I wanted a bold, min­i­mal­is­tic com­po­si­tion for this piece, and I’ve been delv­ing into in­cor­po­rat­ing geo­met­ric shapes to jux­ta­pose the nat­u­ral as­pects to my work. I used a few lay­ers of wet paint in un­cured resin to pro­duce the tex­ture of the planet, then I masked it off with acrylic paint to cre­ate the planet and the sky.”

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