Can you please help me paint a hu­man nose real­is­ti­cally?

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July 2015

Pierre Geier, Licht­en­stein

Sara replies

To paint a nose I have to look at some images and ref­er­ences. And it soon be­comes clear that the nose, like many parts of the hu­man body, may have sev­eral dif­fer­ent forms. It can be pointed, small, large or aquiline, and can vary depend­ing on the race, sex and age of the per­son. This is be­cause the nose is com­posed of a bone struc­ture (the bridge) on which fits the car­ti­lage of the sep­tum and nos­trils. Of­ten (not al­ways – there are a lot of ex­cep­tions) women have a more rounded and smaller nose be­cause it has a thin­ner bone struc­ture, while men have big­ger, squarer noses. I keep this in mind be­cause I’m go­ing to draw the nose of an adult woman and I have to find a way to sim­plify its shape so I can draw it in any po­si­tion.

Let’s con­sider the pro­por­tions of the face. From the hair­line to the chin, it can be di­vided into three parts: fore­head, nose, and mouth and chin. So the nose is long, about a third of the face. I draw a hor­i­zon­tal line through the eyes: this will be where the nose starts. To find the width of the nos­trils, I just draw ver­ti­cal lines that go from the in­ner cor­ner of each eye.

The nose is the most pro­tru­sive part of the face and the skin is usu­ally very shiny, so I like to paint a neat light high­light on the tip.

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