Golden tex­tures

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Now that I’m happy with the com­po­si­tion of the golden threads I want to give them a more re­al­is­tic, foiled tex­ture. A mix­ture of photo tex­ture and hand paint­ing works best. I drop in the tex­ture over the gold (set to Clip­ping mask) and then knock the Opac­ity down a lit­tle. Then I go in with a small brush and add in cracks and lit­tle sec­tions of gold that have flaked away.

Wing de­tails

The wings have been fairly blank un­til this point, but I do want them to have a bit of tex­ture! I’m giv­ing them a drag­onesque tex­ture that be­comes more skin-like to­wards the bot­tom. I’m us­ing a rough tex­tured brush to add scales and then a softer brush on the smoother ar­eas. I’m also paint­ing in a few veins to make them look a lit­tle more trans­par­ent.

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