Cre­ate the line art

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The line art step is very im­por­tant, be­cause it’s here that I de­fine the char­ac­ters and their poses. I try to make them as nat­u­ral-look­ing as pos­si­ble, keep­ing in mind the won­der­ful me­dieval minia­tures ref­er­ences. For the back­ground ar­chi­tec­ture I draw the Gothic fea­tures: the dis­tinc­tive high col­umns and pointed arches that frame the stained glass win­dows.

Time to colour!

I lay down a blue colour that be­comes very dark to­wards the top of the im­age. This cre­ates the feel­ing that the col­umns con­tinue up be­yond the frame edges. Another fea­ture of the Gothic style is the dark­ness from where the im­pres­sive stained­glass light­ing em­anates. To help the viewer take in the char­ac­ters, I place a red car­pet un­der their feet.

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