Cre­ate a game boss, Bliz­zard-style

Jie Gao uses a range of light­ing and colour­ing tech­niques to il­lus­trate a Bliz­zard-style end-of-level video game boss

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Jie Gao shares his light­ing and colour­ing meth­ods.

hen I re­ceive an in­vi­ta­tion from a com­mis­sion­ing editor I be­gin think­ing of what I want to show and what are the best as­pects of my art. Out of all the styles I draw in, fan­tasy is my favourite. I al­ways re­ally en­joy the process. In this case I re­ally want to show how to use Pho­to­shop to make a fan­tasy il­lus­tra­tion.

WIl­lus­tra­tion is used ev­ery­where in the game in­dus­try and most of the time de­sign­ers and il­lus­tra­tors use Pho­to­shop to cre­ate this art – as do I!

This ex­am­ple here took me around 20 hours. I was aim­ing to paint a boss char­ac­ter stand­ing in front of the Holy Well, which pro­duces some mys­te­ri­ous liq­uid. The boss is tast­ing the liq­uid, while some of the crows are also in­ter­ested in sam­pling it. The liq­uid is made from the bod­ies of another species he de­feated in bat­tle.

A night-time set­ting helps make the at­mos­phere look more mys­te­ri­ous. I used the green, blue and or­ange light­ing to build this im­age. Most of the shad­ows are pro­duced with these colours.

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