Con­trol­ling colours in Krita

Learn how to use dif­fer­ent Krita Desk­top Color Se­lec­tors and their set­tings to your ad­van­tage, as Katarzyna Oleska ex­plains the ba­sics

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Katarzyna Oleska ex­plains Color Se­lec­tor ba­sics.

To start paint­ing in Krita you will first need a Color Se­lec­tor with which to choose your colours. Krita of­fers a va­ri­ety of them. You can turn them on and off from the top menu by click­ing Set­tings>Dock­ers and choos­ing from the list.

Here are the ones you can work with: Ad­vanced, Spe­cific, Artis­tic and Small Color Se­lec­tors, as well as Color Slid­ers and Dig­i­tal Color Mix­ers. Some of them, such as Ad­vanced Color Se­lec­tor, can be mod­i­fied.

The more ad­vanced set­tings may seem like they’re un­nec­es­sary at first. But they may change the paint­ing ex­pe­ri­ence once you un­der­stand them and very soon you’ll learn which of the set­tings suit your artis­tic needs best.

1 Ad­vanced Color Se­lec­tor

The out­side cir­cle en­ables you to choose the Hue (colour). Mean­while, the tri­an­gle in the mid­dle shows the mix­ture of three colours si­t­u­ated at its ver­tices: white, black and the cho­sen hue (50 per cent light­ness and 100 per cent sat­u­ra­tion). At the bot­tom a Shade Se­lec­tor sug­gests dif­fer­ent colour op­tions for the re­cently cho­sen colour, while on the right you can see your Color History.

2 Pop-up Se­lec­tor

When you click the right mouse but­ton or one of your pen but­tons (by the way, you’ll need to as­sign this ac­tion to your pen but­ton if it’s not yet as­signed to it), a pop-up Se­lec­tor will au­to­mat­i­cally ap­pear in front of you. This pop-up Se­lec­tor con­tains a Color Se­lec­tor sur­rounded by Color History, as well as a Brushes Col­lec­tion from a se­lected Brush Pre­sets Tag, which ap­pears in the drop-down menu.

3 Small Color Se­lec­tors

You can also use smaller Color Se­lec­tors. Specif­i­cally these are: Small Color Se­lec­tor, Spe­cific Color Se­lec­tor and Color Slid­ers, op­er­at­ing on Hue, Sat­u­ra­tion and Light­ness vari­ables among oth­ers (you can choose your vari­ables in the Ad­vanced Color Se­lec­tion Set­tings – see in­for­ma­tion in point E on the right). All of these take up less space, but at the same time can make choos­ing colours harder.

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