Get fa­mil­iar with Krita Desk­top lay­ers

Learn about Krita’s lay­ers and find out how to use them to your ad­van­tage as Katarzyna Oleska ex­plains the ba­sics

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Katarzyna Oleska ex­plains the soft­ware’s ba­sics.

Lay­ers are a use­ful way of paint­ing faster and more ef­fi­ciently (you can find them via Set­tings>Dock­ers> Lay­ers from the top menu). They also pro­vide flex­i­bil­ity and en­able you to con­trol el­e­ments of your paint­ing, to­gether with the way they in­ter­act with each other. Lay­ers are one of the key ben­e­fits of paint­ing dig­i­tally.

1 Paint layer vs Vec­tor layer Some tools used on Paint and Vec­tor lay­ers will be­have dif­fer­ently. On a Paint layer the Rec­tan­gle, El­lipse and Poly­gon tool shapes will be painted by a pre­s­e­lected brush, while on a Vec­tor layer they’ll be­come vec­tor ob­jects that you can se­lect us­ing the Shape edit­ing tool and al­ter their shapes with the Path edit­ing tool, as well as choose dif­fer­ent out­lines and fills (via the Tool Op­tions docker).

2 Blend­ing modes and Opac­ity Blend­ing modes are grouped into cat­e­gories in a drop-down menu in the Lay­ers Docker (D). The top cat­e­gory (Fa­vorites) shows all the blend­ing modes that are checked in all the re­main­ing cat­e­gories. You can also use Opac­ity to con­trol the lay­ers. By ex­per­i­ment­ing with both of those vari­ables you can cre­ate many in­ter­est­ing ef­fects, and speed up your paint­ing process.

3 Ad­just­ing lay­ers If you se­lect Layer from the top bar, a re­ally use­ful drop-down menu will ap­pear. Us­ing that, you can ro­tate the layer, scale it, mir­ror it hor­i­zon­tally or ver­ti­cally, merge lay­ers with each other and even ras­terise them. You also have the op­tion to flat­ten the whole im­age. Sim­i­lar op­tions for you will ap­pear if you se­lect a layer from the Layer Docker and then click it with the right mouse but­ton.

In Krita Desk­top you can cre­ate many dif­fer­ent types of lay­ers (Paint­ing, Group, Vec­tor, Fil­ter, Fill and File), but the most im­por­tant one is the Paint­ing layer.

In be­tween the lay­ers you can change the way they af­fect each other by as­sign­ing a blend­ing mode for each one of the lay­ers. You can also group lay­ers and turn them on or off, ei­ther one at a time or as a group. Let me ex­plain more…

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