Work­ing on the ar­mour

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Ini­tially I wanted the wing de­sign on the paul­dron to be etched into the me­tal, but I de­cide that a three-di­men­sional form is the way to go. I also clean up the arms I sketched in pre­vi­ously, start­ing with two sim­ple val­ues to es­tab­lish the form and fur­ther defin­ing de­tails as I move along.

Re­peat­ing de­sign el­e­ments

I spend time work­ing on the ar­mour, in­tro­duc­ing a sim­ple de­sign el­e­ment of re­peat­ing grooves, which helps add some co­he­sion to the over­all de­sign. As I paint, I have the light sources as well as the sur­round­ings in mind, which cre­ate re­flec­tions in the me­tal. How­ever, I keep them quite ab­stract to avoid mak­ing it look too pol­ished or chrome-like.

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