Now, re­ally look at those de­tails!

ImagineFX - - Fantasy Illustrator -

As you draw those tapirs, you no­tice that each toe has a dif­fer­ent shape and that the front legs have more toes. You’ll no­tice the shape of the sec­re­tary bird’s eye­lids and the way the skim folds on the face. These small de­tails can re­ally push your crea­ture de­sign into the realm of be­liev­abil­ity.

Here, I switch to my graphite pen­cil and draw over my blue lines. This en­ables me to in­di­cate the de­tails and forms I want to show. Note things like bat­tle dam­age, mark­ings and folds of the skin. All of these fac­tors can help sell the de­sign.

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