De­velop ex­cit­ing book cover art

Re­veals how a sim­ple 3D model pro­vides the ba­sis for his fe­male char­ac­ter, taken from the pages of a book

ImagineFX - - Issue 129 Christmas 2015 -

Bruno Wag­ner uses a 3D model for his char­ac­ter.

his illustration was com­mis­sioned for a book cover. The brief was spe­cific, and went into a lot of de­tail about the char­ac­ter of the girl. To cre­ate it, I worked di­rectly with the author of the book, and it was in­ter­est­ing to com­pare our thoughts on what we imag­ined the char­ac­ter would look like.

The girl is a rebel and heroic princess es­cap­ing on a pow­er­ful and mus­cu­lar horse. The author was keen for the reader

Tto feel the strength of char­ac­ter and free­dom of the hero­ine, as well as the im­pres­sive and some­what fright­en­inglook­ing mount.

I found that the dif­fi­culty with this com­mis­sion was achiev­ing the right vis­ual tone. Be­cause the book’s read­er­ship is a young, fe­male au­di­ence, the author wanted the cover to be en­gag­ing for that age group with­out it be­com­ing too kitsch and a car­i­ca­ture of the hero­ine. She was also keen to avoid an overly mas­cu­line illustration, one that’s of­ten seen in the Fan­tasy genre with the likes of Co­nan the Bar­bar­ian, for ex­am­ple.

So I had to find the right at­mos­phere and com­bine soft and fem­i­nine tones with a dy­namic, el­e­gant com­po­si­tion, while keep­ing some of my per­sonal darker style, be­cause the author also loved that. Thank­fully, every­thing came to­gether in the end and the author let me know she was very happy with the art­work. Job done!

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