Luke: Legacy of the Forc e

ImagineFX - - Terese Nielsen -

Mean, moody and mag­nif­i­cent: Mark Hamill’s corn­ball hero re­veals a darker side un­der the in­flu­ence of Terese’s paint­brush... “This was cre­ated for Star Wars Minia­tures: Legacy of the Force pack­ag­ing in 2007. They wanted Luke in his black, bat­tle-re­bel­com­mando stealth suit: lightsaber in hand, no hel­met, eye con­tact and an ag­gres­sive stance. Frazetta’s Ta­nar of Pel­lu­ci­dar bub­bled up in my mind.

I shot pho­tos of a model (in this case me) for ba­sic anatomy, light­ing and cos­tum­ing. From there, a sketch was worked up and ap­proved by the Lu­cas team. The fi­nal art was painted, start­ing with gouache washes in the back­ground as an un­der­layer of colour and tex­ture. Acrylic washes were laid in on the fig­ure. Af­ter all the white of the pa­per was cov­ered with gen­eral colours, val­ues and tex­ture, and the rest was built up and ren­dered out in oil. The back­ground was re­vis­ited with more glazes of oil and an air­brush was used for the lightsaber glow.”

photo ref­er­ence “Here I am, in all my ‘Force-d’ glory. I had the Hamill face ref­er­ence, so all I needed was ba­sic pose/light­ing/cos­tum­ing.” “I was more than thrilled at the op­por­tu­nity to de­pict Luke with a more badass feel.” “The sketch was printed and wet-stretched, with tex­tu­ral gouache washes added im­me­di­ately af­ter to cover the ‘white’ of the pa­per. Af­ter seal­ing the pa­per, oil was used to ren­der out all of the lighter val­ues and de­tails.”

luke fi­nal

Luke sketch

Christ­mas 2015

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