Star Wars epic Paint­ing the saga’s cast.

Dis­cover how Tsuyoshi Nagano com­posed a saga-span­ning col­lec­tion of key Star Wars char­ac­ters

ImagineFX - - Issue 129 Christmas 2015 -

Colours in space I painted the stardust by mix­ing oil paint sol­vents, cre­at­ing ir­reg­u­lar­i­ties. I added red and pink and used black for the fin­ish­ing touches, then in­tro­duced red, white and other coloured stars with an air­brush. Robot de­tails The de­tailed parts of C-3PO and R2-D2, the por­tions that have lines or out­lines, are pur­posely left over from the rough sketch that I made us­ing a me­chan­i­cal pen­cil. Sith lords Darth Vader blended in with the back­ground, so I made the re­flected light red. So his hel­met didn’t stand out, I added yel­low and blended it into Darth Sid­i­ous, which also shows a re­la­tion­ship be­tween the two.

Depict­ing Mara I like Mara Jade a lot, so my draw­ings of her tend to be full body. Her cos­tume was cre­ated us­ing the comics as a ref­er­ence. The lightsaber faces the lower right, for bal­ance. Colour bal­ance Grand Ad­mi­ral Thrawn’s skin and Mara Jade’s lightsaber match, while Qui-Gon Jinn and Yoda’s lightsabers are the same green, to keep the paint­ing en­gag­ing. Alien art It was dif­fi­cult to make the Yu­uzhan Vong look re­al­is­tic be­cause there were no pho­to­graphic ma­te­ri­als. So I re­ferred back to hor­ror and crea­ture films as I drew him.

This paint­ing was cre­ated for the Ja­panese edi­tion of Star Wars: The New Es­sen­tial Chronol­ogy. The draw­ing is di­vided into two parts for the cov­ers of vol­umes one and two. When you line them up, you can see the whole paint­ing, so it stands out in book stores.

Us­ing char­ac­ter ar­range­ment sketches from editor Junzo Tak­agi, I cre­ated the com­po­si­tion, colour scheme and poses. To cre­ate sym­me­try on the left and right, I in­stilled a sense of grand­ness and in­ten­sity. Most im­por­tant was the di­rec­tion in which the main char­ac­ters are fac­ing. From the mid­dle to the end on the left and right, the char­ac­ters are set to stag­ger and face the ex­te­rior of the paint­ing to give a sense of dis­tance. Anakin and Luke are fac­ing in op­po­site di­rec­tions, which helps pro­vide bal­ance.

The place­ment of Darth Vader was tricky, but I even­tu­ally put him fac­ing down at an an­gle, be­neath Darth Sid­i­ous, for con­trast. This also gave a sense of dis­tance from the six main char­ac­ters.

Troop­ing in time This was Junzo Tak­agi’s idea. Here I show the flow of time from Jango Fett, through the clone troop­ers of Episodes II and II, with the stormtrooper of Episode IV, all mir­rored by the pres­ence of Boba Fett.

Tsuyoshi is well known among Star Wars fans for his many Ja­panese spin-off book cov­ers.

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