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Lo­ca­tion: US Web: www.aj-frena.com Email: mail@aj-frena.com ME DIA: Acrylic, wa­ter­colour, Pho­to­shop

AJ’s main fo­cus is on im­agery that fea­tures an­i­mals and var­i­ous forms of wildlife. “Util­is­ing both tra­di­tional and dig­i­tal me­dia, I com­bine real­ism with the ab­stract and fine art with el­e­ments of pop cul­ture,” the artist says.

Born and raised in North Texas, AJ stud­ied at the School of Vis­ual Arts in New York City be­fore mov­ing to Pitts­burgh, PA, where he lives with a lucky black cat and a lazy border col­lie.

1 Please Stand By – Fall out 4

“This is a trib­ute to Fallout for New York Comic Con, cel­e­brat­ing the release of the new game. It’s one of my favourite game se­ries and so it was ex­cit­ing to get the chance to bring this piece to life.”

2 Avengers

“A trib­ute to the release of Avengers: Age of Ul­tron, in part­ner­ship with Marvel for Hero Com­plex Gallery. This was my first of­fi­cially li­censed piece. At the time I had done sci­en­tific illustration al­most ex­clu­sively, so this was un­charted ter­ri­tory for me. For­tu­nately, it ended up be­ing a suc­cess and opened up new op­por­tu­ni­ties for me.”

3 Near the Ca mphor Tree

“This is my trib­ute to Hayao Miyazaki’s 1988 film My Neigh­bor To­toro. I used acrylic and Pho­to­shop to paint the scene.”

4 Wiz­ard of Oz

“When I was asked to do this piece for New York Comic Con, I knew that I wanted to tackle the books in­stead of the film. Dorothy is based on the like­ness of a kid that I watched grow up, who I’ve per­suaded into want­ing to be an artist. Hear­ing that she recog­nised her­self im­me­di­ately in the im­age and got all ex­cited about it still makes me smile.”

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