Make the most of the As­sis­tants

Learn how to paint in per­spec­tive and cre­ate per­fect strokes – the Ruler As­sis­tant Ed­i­tor tools make it easy, says Katarzyna Oleska

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Learn to paint in per­spec­tive and cre­ate per­fect strokes, with Ruler As­sis­tant Ed­i­tor tools, and Katarzyna Oleska.

Krita’s Grid, Per­spec­tive and As­sis­tant tools can come in handy when de­vel­op­ing a new com­po­si­tion, es­tab­lish­ing per­spec­tive or sim­ply paint­ing shapes. When used in mod­er­a­tion they can help you cre­ate un­usual per­spec­tive views and com­po­si­tions in your paint­ings, that might have been harder and more time- con­sum­ing to pro­duce had you been work­ing from imag­i­na­tion alone.

The Grid and Per­spec­tive tools can be edited and can also be use­ful as guide­lines, but they won’t slow down the paint­ing process. The Ruler As­sis­tant Ed­i­tor Tools can be used in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Brush tool and can help guide your brush­strokes. Here I’ll show you how they work and how to use them.

1 Ap­ply­ing the Grid

The Grid tool can be turned on and off from the top menu (se­lect View> Show Grid). The spac­ing, num­ber of sub­di­vi­sions and colours of the lines can be changed (choose Set­tings> Con­fig­ure Krita> Grid). The grid can also be al­tered in real time with the Edit the Grid tool, by press­ing Ctrl and the mouse but­ton. Drag­ging the mouse ei­ther left to right or up and down then en­ables you to al­ter the spac­ing of the grid. 2 The Ruler As­sis­tant Ed­i­tor tool This tool en­ables you to cre­ate shapes and in­ter­est­ing per­spec­tive views that you can then use as guides for your brush­strokes later on. Each el­e­ment can be cho­sen from the Tool Op­tions docker. Each can also be separately edited, turned on and off and deleted. Once you cre­ate your As­sis­tant con­fig­u­ra­tion you can save it and then open again in an­other file, for a more stream­lined cre­ative process.

3 The Brush As­sis­tant

Check­ing the As­sis­tant box in a Tool Op­tions docker while us­ing a brush will make it re­act to the ac­tive el­e­ments that have been pre­vi­ously cre­ated by the Ruler As­sis­tant Ed­i­tor. The strength with which the brush re­acts can be ad­justed with a sim­ple slider. Note that the vis­i­bil­ity of Paint­ing As­sis­tants and As­sis­tant Pre­views (th­ese are the lines fol­low­ing the brush) can be con­trolled from the top menu.

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