Tor­ben joined Ubisoft as a ju­nior con­cept artist

ImagineFX - - Studio Profile Ubisoft Massive - Tor­ben’s been work­ing on props, en­vi­ron­ments, UIs and tex­tures for Tom Clancy’s The Di­vi­sion since join­ing Ubisoft Mas­sive in 2014. www.tor­ben-lind­

So what is it really like work­ing at Ubisoft Mas­sive?

Su­per ex­cit­ing. The stuff we work on is en­ter­tain­ing, in­ter­est­ing and chal­leng­ing. From day one at the com­pany I felt that the depart­ment leads and direc­tors have trusted me and my abil­i­ties, and that is really en­cour­ag­ing.

Which projects have you worked on so far?

Only on Tom Clancy’s The Di­vi­sion so far. I joined Ubisoft Mas­sive last year and it’s the first com­mer­cial ti­tle I’ve worked on.

Are you af­forded a lot of artis­tic free­dom when it comes to your work there?

It de­pends a lot on what kind of game you’re making at the time and what part you’re de­sign­ing. There are some ob­vi­ous guide­lines and rules that you al­ways have to ac­count for when de­sign­ing for a real-world set­ting in video games. Nonethe­less, I still feel that I have a lot of artis­tic free­dom in my work, es­pe­cially in how I go about de­vel­op­ing de­signs and what vis­ual cues I choose to put in them to com­mu­ni­cate a story.

How did you find the process of join­ing the com­pany?

Very en­light­en­ing and very pro­duc­tive. I’ve got­ten so much out of hav­ing a steady plat­form where I can paint and de­sign all day, to­gether with a bunch of like-minded peo­ple. You learn so much as an artist from just hav­ing ac­cess to that. For the first half of my in­tern­ship I had Titus Lunter as my men­tor and he taught me some very valu­able key points for how to think like a con­cept artist. Many thanks again Titus!

And what kind of ben­e­fits are on of­fer for Mas­sive employees?

I ac­tu­ally met some of Mas­sive’s con­cept artists for the first time at a sketch meet­ing here in Malmö when I had just started out learn­ing the craft. Cur­rently we’re mostly just hard at work, but Tom Gar­den, the lead con­cept artist, is al­ways hunt­ing down work­shops and cour­ses for us to at­tend.

What makes Mas­sive’s art depart­ment spe­cial in your eyes?

We are peo­ple from all around the world and are there­fore di­verse in our tastes and styles. And yet we have a very friendly and play­ful at­mos­phere and I’ve learned so much from be­ing in this en­vi­ron­ment, even be­yond con­cept art and game de­vel­op­ment.

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