Rise of the Horde Sar­nuk blood­soul

KD Stan­ton on his favourite piece of art and why it was a game changer for the artist

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Which of KD’s pieces does he feel most proud of? “That would be Rise of the Horde Sar­nuk Blood­soul,” he says. This was a per­sonal piece de­pict­ing orcs on the ram­page. It has its own lit­tle back­story, which you can read on his web­site.

“You could say that I started to progress a lot from this pic­ture on­wards,” KD says. “It was quite a big break­through for me. This was the piece where I re­alised the im­por­tance of the over­all com­po­si­tion.

“With my work be­fore, there was al­ways some­thing miss­ing in the over­all feel and it tended to lack ad­e­quate dy­nam­ics and at­mos­phere. In this piece, I think I fi­nally cap­tured just the right bal­ance be­tween dy­nam­ics and de­tails, for the first time. And that has gone on to be a big fea­ture of my cur­rent style.

“I’ll never tire of making more art in this style, be­cause I al­ways find some­thing in­ter­est­ing in the process.”

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