6 Thou shalt not pass!

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When work­ing with mod­els one sim­ple rule will make ev­ery­thing a breeze: be re­spect­ful! Re­mem­ber that the model is putting them­selves out there, bar­ing their soul on your be­half. If you’re shoot­ing a friend the bound­aries are what­ever you’re both com­fort­able with, but with a pro­fes­sional model you need to keep a dis­tance that al­lows them a per­sonal space of their own. Dis­cuss bound­aries with the model be­fore­hand. Hav­ing worked with Alana many times, I’m di­rect­ing at pretty close quar­ters here, but I’m al­ways pro­fes­sional and re­spect­ful.

As an art di­rec­tor with a cam­era, you have the free­dom to mo­ti­vate your model to in­ter­pret your sketches with depth

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