Step by Step:

Think like a painter

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1 It’s all in the prepa­ra­tion

My colour comps are un­re­fined gold. I trea­sure them and re­fer to them through­out the paint­ing process. All the work is here in minia­ture. Tak­ing the time to fig­ure out the com­po­si­tion, colour scheme and light­ing on a small scale makes the paint­ing stage a joy rather than a hard­ship.

2 Dig­i­tal is cheap!

The days of wor­ry­ing about the cost of de­vel­op­ing film are over. So even if the chances of hit­ting the per­fect pose in one shot is al­most nil, I can shoot 20 or more vari­a­tions of ev­ery pose, then use the best hand, head, foot and ex­pres­sion to com­pose the ideal shot in Photoshop.

3 To paint fast, go slow

Frank Frazetta was fa­mous for his speed of ex­e­cu­tion at the paint­ing stage, and it all seemed like alchemy to me as a younger artist, but be­hind the scenes Frank mulled over colour roughs and sketches well in ad­vance. If you want your paint­ing to go quickly, make time for prepa­ra­tion.

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